Beginner’s enables you to get started with windsurfing

This course is meant especially for You, if You haven’t tried windsurfing yet. You haven’t got a clue what it’s like yet, but You’d like to give it a go.

The purpose of the Beginner’s course is to get to know what it’s all about, and I assure you: it’ll take less time and be much more fun than your regular 8 hour workday.

The course consists of two parts: 1-1,5 hour of theory and 1,5 hours of practice with an instructor.

In the theoretical part, You’ll learn about the following topics:
• Gear – what is a windsurfing board and rig, what are the components and each their purpose
• Personal gear, proper clothing
• Setting up your board and rig
• Taking your gear to the seashore, the safe ways of placing it on the shore and in the water
• Choosing a surfing spot, the speed and direction of the wind
• Safety measures at the seashore and on the sea
• How to avoid and come out of dangerous situations
• Right-of-way rules

In the practical part, You’ll learn how to:
• Lift your sail out of the water
• Find and keep balance
• Start windsurfing, the right body position
• Determine the direction of the wind and use it to your advantage
• Move in the desired direction
• Turn your board upwind and downwind
• Apply safety measures, and save yourself in a possibly dangerous situation

Price: 125€

The price includes gear and the wetsuit rental.