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You’re into windsurfing and thinking of buying Your very own personal gear? Don’t rush into it! Complete the necessary steps ahead: study the art of windsurfing, try different gear, become acknowledged of Your skills and then You’ll be ready to think of Your personal gear.

This course is right for You, who’s decided to make windsurfing Your lifestyle and want to do it every chance You get. You wish to develop your skills, try different climate conditions and windsurfing spots and all of this with a personal instructor.

During the course, You will get additional knowledge and skills on preparing Your rig, evaluating the wind and weather conditions, fixing Your body position, learning new maneuvers and taking care of Your future gear. You’ll be able to check out different surfing spots and the conditions in Estonia and be instructed on finding the best gear that fits Your needs. A cheerful company of fellow surfers to share Your accomplishments and daily struggles with is just an added bonus!

No wrong purchases or struggling on the water on Your own!

Price:   5x 1,5 h 375€

The price includes gear and wetsuit rental.