Winter windsurfing course

It’s much easier on snow and ice, no water, no unstable board! All You’ve got to do is enjoy the wind, sail and sleigh!

This course is meant especially for You, who hasn’t tried windsurfing before, or if You’d like to enjoy windsurfing also outside the season.

The purpose of this course is getting to know what it’s all about, and I promise – it won’t take more than two hours.

The course consists of two parts: 1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practice with an instructor.
In the theoretical part, You’ll get to learn about the following topics:
• Gear – what is a windsurfing rig, what parts do they consist of and their purpose
• Personal gear, proper wet suit and safety gear
• Setting up your rig
• Safety measures
• Windsurfing rules
In the practical part, You’ll learn how to:
• Start windsurfing, find the right body position
• Determine the direction of the wind and use it to your advantage
• Move in the desired direction

Price: 135€

The price includes gear rental.